Changing our world with GERS

How can we power our surroundings without impacting our environment?

We live In an energy obsessed world. We consume energy to power our lives. To drive our cars, to power our homes and our portable devices. 

However that energy consumption comes at a cost, it impacts our environment and our health. Which is why the focus from switching non-renewable carbon based fuels to renewable has become such a battleground.

The switch over will take time, and 

What is Gravitational Potential energy?

Gravitational Potential Energy is a clean green free natural source of energy that occurs when an object is positioned away from the Earth’s surface. This is due to the force of gravity acting on the object. This could be an apple hanging on the branch, or when you throw a ball up.

The best example of this is hydroelectric dams. Gravitational Potential Energy is stored in the water at the top of the dam. When the water is released and flows to the bottom, this energy is used to drive turbines which are then converted into electricity. 

But did you know this potential energy is also wasted by billions of people every single day, everyday and they/we don’t even know about it. (Albeit on a smaller scale)

Why is Gravitational Potential Energy relevant?

GPE is relevant because we live in an energy obsessed world, there’s no escaping that we use energy to power all aspects of our home, our work, our devices. But it’s not a source of energy that we are leveraging or could be.

How can we apply technology to enhance the functionality 

How does GERS work?

Like KERS in F1 racing; it takes energy that is normally wasted and uses it for something useful. In stead of storing it convert the energy to drive up the backrest.

Power source to enable transformation/change?

Headline: Turning wasted energy into useful energy


Energy. We’re obsessed with it.  

In an energy obsessed world.

There is currently a renewable source energy that is being wasted by billions of people everyday and they/we don’t even know about it.

our latest innovations harness energy wasted by billions of people every day

Every time we stand up, we use energy to fight/counter gravity. This energy is carried in our bodies as we stand and walk around until it is released. Currently this gravitational energy just disappears every time we sit down; it’s wasted.

Wouldn’t it be great to use this energy to benefit our environment, to solve a problem or to inspire.

Familiar with KERS.

Are you familiar with GERS.

You’ve met KERS. Now meet GERS.


designed to allow for more freedoms, more choices and more control over the skyline of your space.

this is achieved by using responsive technology in our responsive furniture, combined with our static ones.

“ Wouldn’t it be great to use this energy to benefit our environment, to solve a problem or to inspire”  James lucas

The secret to responsive seating is the patented Chool technology. it harnesses the gravitational energy of the user to transform the shape of the seat.


have been designed to harness this wasted gravitational energy

with our patented chool technology, to offer people greater skyline control

and more freedom of choice when it comes to creating their space.

This free Green clean energy

The power to transform

_chool is powered by gravitational potential energy

Every time we stand up energy is used to fight gravity. This energy is carried in the body until we sit down. The Responsive Technology harnesses this potential energy when sat on.

  1. Every time you stand up you use some energy to power your muscles to lift your body up against the pull of earths gravity
  1. You then carry that potential energy with you as you walk around
  1. Traditionally, this energy is released and dispersed into the seat the next time you sit down
  1. However, Chool’s GERS powered mechanism harnesses this free, clean energy and does something fun and useful with it!

at the heart of every chool is a gers powered Mechanism that cleverly harnesses this clean green free energy. This globally patented technology was created by spliced studios and cuba chool is the first seat in the world to utilise this innovation.