cuba chool set-up guide

When you remove the Cuba Chool from its packaging you will also need to remove 2 x polystyrene blocks (if fitted) that have been placed under the front of the seat box to prevent it from moving during transit.

The Cuba Chool has a damper within the mechanism that controls the speed that the seat goes down when you sit on the product. During transit the product can get quite cold and this means that the seat will move quite slowly while the product is warming up to room temperature (which usually takes a few hours or so).

You can adjust the speed of the seat travel by following the instructions below. However, we strongly recommend that you leave the product overnight to fully warm up before making any adjustments. Sitting on the product so the back rest travels up and down will also warm the damper up to standard working temperature.

If the speed is still not as you would like (we recommend 2 / 2.5 seconds for the seat to travel all the way down) then please follow the instructions below to make the adjustment.


Place the Chool on a soft clean surface, like clean carpet or rug, and flip the Chool on to its back as shown below:

Then turn this screw (located in the centre of the underside of the base) with your fingers, an 1/8 of a turn at a time, anti clockwise to slow it down, and clockwise to speed it up. Flip the Chool back onto its base to test the speed after each 1/8 turn. Repeat this until you have adjusted to the desired speed.

Once this is set to the desired speed it should not need to be changed again unless the Chool is moved into a room that is significantly higher or lower temperature.

Please get in touch at any time if you would like help with the above.