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hospitality : lobby area

Lobbies are your first point of contact with guests. create a playful waiting area to kick start their guest experience.

smile while you wait

Chool creates more than a spacious waiting area. It creates joy and delight.

seamless versatility

do more with the space you have

_Chools are designed to work perfectly on their own. Making them ideal lobby seating when you want minimal visual impact without scarificing comfort.

Minimal visual impact when not in use

_lobby in waiting (spacious & clutter free)

Create a spacious, calming and clutterfree waiting area when not in use. Let the architecture of the interior space take centre stage.

_lobby in use (Surprising & joyful)
The hubstation can rise easily to a high table to keep meetings fast and focused. The docked chools maximise the usable space around the table so everyone can fit round with unrestricted access. Once finished it can stay up or be reset. The option is open to the next users.
_lobbies big or small
Great on its own, even better with others. Chools can be configured into any formation and in any numbers, as individual seats or linked together to form straight benches or corner seating.