WORK : breakout areas

Breakout areas are great for casual chats and solo working which invites lots of use. so it’s crucial to offer comfort without adding clutter to a space.


Chools are designed to minimise visual noise when not in use, and offer comfort when they are.

seamless versatility

do more with the space you have

_Chools are also designed to work perfectly on their own. Making them ideal breakout seating when you want minimal visual impact without scarificing comfort.

Chools are deigned work perfectly on their own in open space
_Open/lounge space
It’s compact omnidirectional design makes chools the ideal open space seating. It can be left scattered and still look considered, yet ready as a chair for any casual meeting.
_presentation space

Chool’s mobility allows a space to be easily arranged. Create rows of seating for any presentation and be safe in the knowledge, that unlike stools, no matter how long it goes on for you’ll always be sat in comfort.

_Impromptu gatherings (regain floor space)

Chool’s versatility and easy mobility means you can also use them as stools when sat on backwards. Handy when you need to maximise the floor space to get more people in. Chools can be pushed to the edges and still provide comfortable seating for those who are early.