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the dining room table is often under-utilised. Restricted by limited space and by its sole dining role.

supercharge the dining table

meet the dining room table that can do more. the Cuba hubstation.

The hubstation maximises usable space when not sat in

seamless versatility

do more with the space you have

_The hubstation offers greater multi-functionality allowing you to utilise space better for flexibility in the dining room.

Empty seats are docked out of the way for more space and comfort
_dining table (instant comfort)

The hubstation is the ultimate dining room table. Compact and practical when not in use but comfortable and supportive when needed for dining. Combined with the height adjustable legs, the table can be adjusted for the ideal eating height.

_non dining table (multi-use)

The responsive seating stows cleverly under the table to maximise the usable space and access to the table. It unlocks other improved uses at the table. Great for sit-stand working or hobbies or just simply unpacking shopping bags.

Without the backrests in the way the dining table can be pushed flushed against a wall when the seats aren’t needed. Allowing you to regain valuable floor space to better utilise the dining room space.