table and chairs? how dare you!


Discover more about what makes the cuba hubstation a hubstation

Key feature : self organising docking



_cuba dox and cuba chool have been designed to work as a single unit to enhance versatility and optimisiation.

_cuba dox and cuba chool

The clever docking base design allows Cuba Chools to self organise and line up neatly, simply by pushing up against it. This simple intuitive user experience makes using the Hubstation effortless and opens up new ways of accessing the table .

Key feature : Integrated Responsive seating


_works with responsive furniture

The integration of Cuba Chool (a responsive hybrid seat) with the Dox table is one of the key factors in why the Hubstation is so unique and more than just a table and chairs.

_More than a sit down table

Unlike chairs, the responsive seat removes the physical barrier of a backrest when not needed, opening up more ways to use the table. This allows it to be stowed neatly under the table when not needed increasing the functionality of the table outside of just sitting.


The integration of responsive seating helps maximise the functionality of the table at all times and makes the Hubstation more responsive, more versatile and more agile. So whether you’re sitting, standing, working, eating, or drinking, the Hubstation can be optimised for all of it.

Key feature : surface heights

The sky’s the limit

(well, if the sky’s limit is 1210mm)

The sky’s the limit

(well, if the sky’s limit is 1210mm)

_The cuba hubstation offers more levels of optimsation through its table height options

_height adjustable table top

The Hubstation with height adjustable legs dials optimisation and comfort up to 11. Whatever the task, whatever the space, the Hubstation will always be optimised for whatever you’re doing.

_freedom to choose

The Hubstations strength is in it’s flexibility. If all-out-optimisation isn’t a must have, then the Hubstation is also available with fixed height legs for sitting or standing to offer complete freedom of choice. So, whatever your needs, it can always be optimised to work perfectly to your space.

_Award winning paddle

Linak’s DPG1M reddot award winning switch offers easy and intuitiative height contol. Along with the smartphone app, the Hubstation is always ready to be optimised to whatever you’re doing whether at home or at work.

_tHESE FEATURES combined together create a hubstation

so now you know what makes a hubstation a hubstation

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