WORK : meeting rooms

most sit down meeting rooms have so many space and usage constraints that sit-stand tables haven’t been viable so far.

stretch the legs (and the mind)

The hubstation is a game changer.

The unique considered design brings seamless barrier free sit-stand use to meeting rooms.

Chool and the height adjustable docking table form the ultimate sit-stand hubstation

seamless versatility

do more with the space you have

_The hubstation unlocks more ways of utilising a meeting room. See how it can adapt and flow to different work modes.

Minimal. Ordered. More space to flow

_Maximising the space (ordered & organised)

When ready for use, the reductionist design keeps the hubstation looking organised. With the chairs stowed under the table, the meeting room looks tidy and clutterfree. This maximises the usable space around the hubstation allowing people to flow freely.

_sit-stand group table
(Switch between uses)

The hubstation unlocks the full potential of height adjustable tables for group meetings. Through its pairing with responsive seating people have the option to switch seamlessly between sitting and standing.

Empty chairs stay docked reducing visual and physical clutter in the space

_sit down meeting (sit in comfort)
If you opt to start the meeting sitting, the chools responsive backrests provides support and comfort over any length of time unlike benches or stools.
_flow from sitting to standing (stay in the space. stay in the flow)

Sometimes meetings need a change of pace. Get the collaborative energy going by switching to standing mid-way. Get the health benefits of sit-standing and moving in a group environment while getting the mental juices flowing.

Move around freely and get the mental and physical health benefits

Pain free chair management in space limited meeting rooms

_standing meeting
(Dock & stand)

The responsive chools make it easy and intuitive to stand. They simply dock under the table, ordered and self organised, removing the hassle of chair management and clutter in a space.