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diners higher expectations these days. They don’t just expect good food and good service but a whole eating experience.

Feast for the eyes

from Instagram ready looking dishes to novel experiences, diners are hungry for more.

The verstaile hubstation can help restaurants enhance their experience. Whether helping to create that spacious calm feeling or by injecting a playful surprise when the guests sit down.

The hubstation can help take dining to a new level.

seamless versatility

do more with the space you have

_Create an open clutter free dining space

The Hubstation allows you to create a restaurant space that looks open and clutterfree. When docked, the backrests are out of sight reducing their visual impact on the space. This unique design allows the interior skyline to stay unbroken and uncluttered to help create the calm and relaxing ambiance for diners. The responsive seats also offer the full comfort and support of a chair when needed.

_memorable customer experience

The playful and surprising movement of the responsive seat is guaranteed to enhance any guest dining experience. The Cuba Chools unique sitting action offers diners an interactive and fun experience. This moment of joy that will set the tone for the night making the whole dining experience even more memorable long after dessert.


The Cuba Chool offers instant comfort and support through the full height responsive backrest. Combined with the blockonomics and top grade foam construction the Cuba Chool makes the ideal dining seat to while the hours away.

_Maximises the usable space

The Hubstation’s compact and organised design helps maximise the usable space between covers. With the Chools docked under tables, it enhances the freedom to flow, helping staff to navigate and serve diners, as well as clean between turn over.

_Talkability appeal

The unique and memorable sitting experience makes Cuba a powerful tool in the restaurants battle to stand out in a competitive market. The talkability of the experience will give that vital brand edge when it comes to diners sharing their experience.