HOSPITALITY : hotel room

Hotel guests are more demanding these days and expect more from their hotel stay experience.

sit down. stand out.

Create a surprising and memorable experience for guests with the playful chool. Minimal and practical when unoccupied and fits under desks to enhance a sense of space. yet comfortable and supportive when sat on. transform a guests mood with a transforming seat.

Chool stows under desks for a clean clutter free look

seamless versatility

do more with the space you have

_The chool and desk pairing offers you the best of both worlds. Minimal and comfortable. As well as providing a new and inspiring sitting experience.

_playful Chool at desk (moment of joy)

The Chools unique sitting experience inspires a daily dose of inspiration and joy as you prepare to tackle a work task.

_chool organised under desk (stowage)
The responsive backrest of the chool allows it to be stowed under a desk when not in use. Bringing that extra bit of order and tidiness in the room and enabling you to maximise the available space to move around without obstacles.