table and chairs? how dare you!


re-inventing table and chairs

More than just a table and chairs. it’s a hubstation.

_As our spaces have become more multifunctional and agile so have the ways we use tables and chairs in those spaces

they’re not just used for dining. We use them for working, meetings, cooking, entertaining, as a craft station. even a dumping ground.

you name we, we do it. it’s multi-purpose.

don't be SO STATIC

However, despite their uses changing, Tables and chairs have changed very little. They haven’t really evolved. one of the biggest limitations of tables and chairs HAS BEEN THEir static design.

both tables and chairs are designed to be of one fixed form. this prevents them from responding to the changing needs of the user.

_our mission was to re-invent table and seats so it could respond to the user and be optimised for all the different ways they wanted to use it. 


Our first criteria was that they had to integrate seamlessly together. To do this we designed the seats and the table together as a unit.


The second criteria was to make the seats and the table responsive. To do this, they had to be able to move. They couldn’t be static.

_the hubstation offers Seamless versatility and better optimisation. helping you get more out of your space.

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