furniture for spaceships

cuba product system

No… we haven’t been eating space cakes. Designing for spaceships ISN’T JUST AN ASPIRATION, IT’S A DESIGN PHILOSOPHY. It’s about us approaching furniture from a completely clean slate. forgeting everything that went before and re-imaging furniture fit for the future.


The perfect union between a responsive hybrid seat and a responsive table. Together they create a highly optimsed hubstation that can fluidly adapt to the needs of any space.


Cuba Chool is the star of the Cuba Responsive Furniture System. A responsive hybrid seat that is multifunctional, fun and fit for the future. Optimised to work perfectly in compact and open space, and to work with and without a table.


The Cuba Dox height adjustable docking table has a unique floating table top design and has been specifically designed to work as a unit with Cuba Chool.

cuba is the world’s first responsive furniture system (RFS)