about us and our space dog

Do you know what we do? we design for spaceships. 

no we haven’t been eating space cakes. To us, designing for spaceships isn’t just an aspiration, it’s a design philosophy. 

it keeps us thinking big…real big. It keeps us thinking beyond tomorrow AND aimING for the stars.

Designing for spaceships Is about taking technology and creating something inspiring and PURPOSEful. Something not done before.

Designing for spaceships is about pushing boundaries AND EMBRACING CHALLENGES, taking risks and being bold.

Designing for spaceships is about designing with elegant function in mind. keeping things beautifully simple and streamlined.

BECAUSE Designing for spaceships is literally the ultimate space challenge. But more importantly IT reminds us, it’s just a ride. So when people ask what we do, we say we design for spaceships. 

Now you know.                                                                               



Maya has been a Joyrider even before Joyride. Her interests mainly lie in stalking squirrels, getting excited about walkies, and finding the most comfortable sleeping position.


Founder and CEO of the company, he’s best described as tenacious, although slightly crazy, innovative, the mad force behind Joyride. He’s obsessive about giving people better solutions, driven by true possibilities of innovation and love of design. Apart from constantly learning and teaching he’s likely to be found kitesurfing all year round chasing wind and building innovative products in his mind.


Head of communication and best tea maker; Stan has joined us in order to make sense of all the chaotic things, ideas, thoughts and processes going inside James’s brain so he can create coherent communication for all of you to enjoy. This man has the patience of a saint and when he’s not resolving another crazy conundrum you’ll find him being a doting father to his beautiful son.

Mara - chief Design officer

Head of design, Mara’s been watching the progress of Joyride from the very beginnings. She’s been there through ups and downs, and finally decided to join the team when she realised how much more value she can be in this exciting startup, as suppose to sitting in the big, corporate office.


One of our newest members, Ruairidh has jumped straight into the deep end. From building our products, to designing new ones and helping with endless chores in the startup company, he’s quickly becoming one of our most valuable designers. When he’s not covered in workshop dirt, you could find him enjoying cycling and most recently podcasts.


Another fresh face, full of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Shayan’s incredible work ethic has been an inspiration to us all. Even though he joined us as a product designer, when we needed to build this website, he happily volunteered to learn the code and build the beast. He’s now back at designing and producing our next products, as well as playing basketball in his free time.