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The visual and physical clutter of a chair at a vanity desk can quickly overwhelm small compact rooms making the space feel messy and chaotic.


Bring some order and calm to the space. Meet the perfectly organised Chool and vanity desk.

Chool stows under desks for a clean clutter free look

seamless versatility

do more with the space you have

_The chool and desk pairing offers you the best of both worlds. Minimal and comfortable. As well as inspiring sitting experience.

_the playful Chool at a vanity desk (moment of joy)

The Chools unique sitting experience injects a daily dose of joy. The perfect way to get ready to take on the day.

_chool organised under desk (stowage)

The Chools responsive backrest allows it to be stowed under a desk when not in use. Bringing that extra bit of order and tidiness to the bedroom. Enabling you to maximise the available space to move around without obstacles and to create that relaxing and airy ambience .